Light weight & extremely tough “BIGKEV” is the best Ventilation duct available today.

The AC Whalan Composites Kevlar® Vent tube is 50% lighter in weight when compared to our standard ACW226 ventilation duct, & 50% stronger. the use of such high tech fibre ( Dupont™ Kevlar® & Carbon ) in a Filament winding technique has enabled us to produce a tube that is ultra light in weight & extremely tough & durable. The end result is a Vent tube that will have a longer working life in the tough underground environment.

  • High Quality.
  • Government DPI FRAS approval & certification (copies available upon request).
  • Longer life due to Extremely high impact resistance (Bullet Proof).
  • Corrosion resistant in harsh environments.
  • Lightweight and high strength to meet the needs of high capacity fans & long runs. (Up to 50% lighter & 50% stronger than our standard ACW226 vent products)
  • Lowest resistance compared to other materials, typically a K factor of 0.0025.
  • Virtually nil leakage when used with Rubber jointing bands, standard and velcro available in various widths.
  • Carrying and lifting handles standard Ongoing product development for long term benefits to mining companies.
  • Extra end reinforcement for longer life, damage protection and a safer product, minimising the risk of Hand Injuries.
  • Maxiflow “BIGKEV” Vent is tested so you are assured it will perform to your expectation whilst in operation.

Hand Lamination

Our highly skilled team of fibre glass laminators have experience with a multitude of Composite materials and are amongst the highest qualified, skilled & experienced in the industry. As a result we have delivered technical & specialty products to meet or exceed our customers particular requirements on a regular basis. The ability to complete FEA modelling of a concept during the design phase enables the team to get it right the first time, saving time, waste & ultimately money.

Do you have an existing fibre glass product in need of repair or modification? If so contact our office today to discuss your needs, if we can’t help we will refer you to someone who can.

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